Baylor Scott & White SportsCare can help you reach a higher level of performance on and off the field with the winning combination of sports medicine, education and promotional support for athletes, coaches and parents.
SportsCare can make it easier for you to access specialized sports medicine services by connecting you to sports medicine physicians on the medical staff, licensed athletic trainers and rehabilitation therapists throughout the DFW Metroplex.. Through our concierge program, access to treatment and assistance for sports injuries is expedited.
For more information about Baylor Scott & White Health, common sports injury prevention and treatment, or for help in finding a physician who is right for you, contact your local SportsCare representative:

Corey Smith, MS, ATC, LAT



Heat Illness

Be Aware of Heat Illness and Take Preventative Steps


Know How to Prevent Dehydration

Hydration Fact Sheet

Check Out this Fact Sheet on Hydration to See How You Are Doing With Your Hydration

Injury Nutrition

Nagging Injury?? Maybe Your Nutrition is Keeping You Down.

Weight Gain Fact Sheet

Gaining Weight? Cause for Concern? Check Out this Helpful Fact Sheet

Weight Loss Fact Sheet

Are You Losing Weight? Look Through this Fact Sheet on Weight Loss to Help.

Nutrition Clock

When Should an Athlete Eat.  This handy sheet will get you back on schedule.

Athletes Plate Training

Is your food fueling your training? This eye catching handout will have you eating right to see big gains in your training and health.